The launch of Painting Celia on May 11 was a momentous occasion for me. After three years of dedicated writing and editing, seeing friends, family, and readers gather in celebration was deeply moving. The support and encouragement I received from everyone who attended means more to me than words can express.

Held at the beautiful Yacht Harbor Club Lounge on Hayden Island, the event was a delightful mix of good company, delicious food, and wonderful conversations. Approximately 30 to 40 attendees joined us, many already excited about diving into the story of Celia and León. Their enthusiasm and kind words made the afternoon unforgettable. I was nearly overwhelmed at the signing table, seeing face after face come to the front of the line, each having played a part in my life as I wrote.

I’m filled with gratitude for not only my friends, but also my husband, niece, and bestie, whose hard work ensured everything ran smoothly. From the modern decor to the abundant platters of sliced meats and veggies, their efforts made the event special. Now, my husband and I have a few days of delicious leftovers to enjoy as we reminisce about this incredible milestone.

You can, of course, still get a copy of the book! It’s available on Amazon as kindle ebook, paperback, and hardcover, or on my publisher’s site if you’re not an Amazon user. The audiobook, narrated by the incredible Kathleen Strecker, is on its way! Join my mailing list (no more than monthly, promise!) for a heads up when that releases.

Thank you all for making this milestone truly unforgettable.